Our plant-based foods open up a whole new world of healthy, nutritious eating.

Our almond milk products are a heart-healthy alternative to dairy, boosting levels of antioxidants, unsaturated fats, and essential minerals like potassium.

Each of our products comes from artisan almond milk and is cultured using traditional cheese-making methods so we contain more of the almond and none of the junk in other almond milk brands. Other nut based products use ground nut pastes and artificial ingredients to make cheese-like products. Our artisanal products contain only almond milk, cultures, enzymes, and salt.*

We source non-GMO almonds from the San Joaquin Valley and all of our products are dairy & soy-free.

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*Our cultured cream cheese style spreads contain small amounts of natural stabilizers to achieve the creamy textures that people expect from spreadable products.