Our Food


Kite Hill blends its artisan almond milk with live active cultures to create the new gold-standard in plant-based yogurts. Finally you can enjoy creamy, almond milk yogurt made with Madagascar vanilla beans, local peaches, mouthwatering strawberries, wild Maine blueberries, or simply on its own as delicious plain yogurt. We also offer a new smooth and creamy Greek-style almond milk yogurt.


In our entrees we balance the sweet flavors of our whipped ricotta and fresh garlic with the sautéed flavors of mushrooms or spinach. We fold that into a hand made dough produced by local artisans.

Cream Cheese 

Our cultured cream cheese style spreads are smooth and spreadable, with a signature tang. Along with a plain flavor, we also make a spread with herbaceous chives. Along with a plain flavor, we also make a spread with herbaceous chives and a bold jalapeño flavor with a touch of heat.

Artisan Cheese

Our artisanal line uses fresh almond milk and marries traditional cheese making craft with modern innovation to create award-winning combinations. Our Ricotta is creamy and sweet with a buttery, smooth finish, a versatile addition to your culinary tool kit.


Our probiotic drinkable yogurt marries our traditionally cultured almond milk with probiotic goodness. Each serving contains 1 billion live probiotic cultures, 6 grams of almond protein, plus a boost of calcium and vitamins A, D and B12. Enjoy our almond milk drinkable yogurt in Plain Unsweetened, Vanilla, and Summer Berry.