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  • Almond Milk Yogurts
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  • Cream Cheese Alternative
  • Ricotta Alternative
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  • Blissful Yogurts
  • Sour Cream Alternative
  • Butter Alternative

Almond Milk Yogurts

Available plain or blended in exciting flavors, our delectable yogurts are made from creamy almond milk with live active cultures.

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Greek Yogurts

Smooth, creamy and slightly tart, our Greek yogurts serve up to 11g of almond protein and live active cultures.

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Cream Cheese Alternative

Our award-winning cream cheese alternatives are classically cultured for a rich flavor and creamy texture. Our delicious dairy-free varieties include Plain, Everything, and Chive.

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Ricotta Alternative

Using fresh almond milk and traditional cheese making craft, Kite Hill creates a ricotta alternative that’s creamy and slightly sweet, with a buttery finish.

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We combine the subtle sweetness of our almond milk ricotta alternative with fresh pasta to create amazing dairy-free ravioli and tortellini varieties.

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With tempting flavors like French Onion and Ranch, our creamy almond milk-based dips are the perfect companion for crudités, chips, crackers, or wherever your taste takes you.

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For kids, it’s all about taste. That’s why our dairy-free yogurt tubes start with creamy almond and coconut milks, blended with fresh fruit flavor, and traditionally cultured into creamy goodness.

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Blissful Yogurts

Our first coconut milk-based product is here! Our Blissful yogurts are available in delicious flavors inspired by crowd-pleasing desserts.

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Sour Cream Alternative

Our new almond milk sour cream alternative is the dairy-free dollop you've been waiting for. Spoon it onto your tacos, baked potato, or even in your baked goods for a refreshingly creamy finish.

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Butter Alternative

Our Plant-based butter alternative uses cultured almond milk and healthy oils such as sunflower and coconut oils to create a deliciously creamy, spreadable product.

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