Our Sourcing
and Process

Our Farm and Almonds

Our secret is surprisingly simple: we start with the highest quality, non-GMO almonds, sourced locally in California’s San Joaquin Valley. But to get the perfect result, we tested over 20 varieties to find a nut with just the right proportion of proteins, sugars, and fats.

The Bees

Almond trees need honey bees for cross-pollination, and bees need the rich nutrition of nectar and pollen they get from almond tree blossoms. This mutually beneficial relationship is just one of the reasons we are passionately protective of honey bees.

Our Almond Milk

Using a rigorous process, we developed our own method for transforming select nuts into creamy almond milk. Every batch is custom blended, allowing for seasonal variations in the nuts for a consistently delicious result.

Culture and Enzymes

Our co-founder Pat Brown isolated the proprietary cultures and enzymes that we use to create the remarkable texture and taste in our cheeses. The specific strains are grown exclusively on a vegetable-based medium, so that the resulting product is ideal for those following a plant-based diet.

Curds and Whey

As with traditional dairy cheesemaking, we inoculate almond milk with our proprietary enzymes and cultures, then rest it overnight to transform it into curds and whey. We’ve found this is the best way to get the amazing flavor and character of our cheese.

Fresh Almond Milk

While some other plant-based products are made from ground nuts and chemicals, we make our cream cheese style spread and smooth ricotta by pressing and mixing cultured almond milk. We think this natural approach makes for a more authentic texture and flavor.

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