About Us

At Kite Hill, all we see is blue sky.

Exploring new ways of creating food favorites can be challenging for some, but the results can be deliciously rewarding. We’re dedicated to blue sky thinking, because we believe it makes for positive change.

Our founding Chef, Tal Ronnen, brings ingenuity, imagination, and culinary excellence to every new food we share. Tal wanted the world to know plant-based eating could be truly delicious - that’s why he created Kite Hill.

Our Story

Our Sourcing and Process

We know making delicious plant-based foods means using the highest quality ingredients. That’s why we source our almonds from local California growers. It’s integrity you can taste.

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Our Mission

We didn’t just want to make dairy-alternatives, we wanted to make the best-tasting foods you can buy. So we put blue sky thinking in action to create plant-based products that are truly healthy and delicious.

In The News

"For just 70 calories, six grams of sugar, and seven grams of carbs, each dairy-free tube offers two grams of protein and live active cultures to keep your belly happy."

"Kite Hill’s dairy-free yogurt is an uber creamy ‘gurt with 11 grams of unsaturated, heart-healthy fats and a texture that rivals the real thing."

"Chef Tal Ronnen is the founder and owner of upscale Los Angeles restaurant Crossroads and co-founder of vegan food brand Kite Hill."

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