YIELD: 3-5
TIME: 40 minutes

Roasted Chickpea and Carrot Salad with Tahini Dressing and Ricotta

6-7 large Rainbow carrots
10 ounce can drained chickpeas
¼ to ⅓ cup olive oil
½ teaspoon balsamic vinegar
1 teaspoon ground turmeric
½ teaspoon paprika
¼ teaspoon garlic salt
¼ teaspoon pepper
Optional crushed red pepper
Fresh parsley
1 container (8 oz) Kite Hill Ricotta
¼ cup tahini or almond butter
½ tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar
¼ teaspoon sea salt
1 tablespoon maple syrup
Dash of black Pepper
2-3 tablespoon warm almond or coconut milk
Optional mustard powder ¼ teaspoon or ¼ teaspoon cumin
Step 1.
Preheat oven to 425F. Rinse and slice carrots, then drain chickpeas.
Step 2.
Place in large bowl together. Add the rest of your oil, spices, and balsamic vinegar.
Step 3.
Toss all together. Lay flat on greased or paper-lined baking sheets.
Step 4.
Roast at 425F for 25-30 minutes, turning half way.
Step 5.
Remove and sprinkle with a bit of sea salt and crushed pepper.
Step 6.
Blend all ingredients together in food processor or blender. Adjust sweetness or creaminess to you liking. You can thin it out with more vinegar or oil, or make more creamy thick texture by add more tahini.
Step 7.
Place carrots and chickpeas in large serving bowl.
Step 8.
Add dressing on top (as much or as little as you desire).
Step 9.
Toss all together and garnish with parsley and Kite Hill Ricotta.

This recipe uses:

Kite Hill Ricotta

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