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Strawberry Yogurt Sorbet

Strawberry Yogurt Sorbet

active time: 15 minutes

inactive time: overnight freeze

servings: 4-6



  • 2, 5.3oz Kite Hill Strawberry Almond Milk Yogurt
  • 2 heaping cups (about 10oz) quartered frozen strawberries
  • chocolate chips to top




Scoop yogurt into an ice cube tray, filling each mold with a rounded 1 tablespoon of yogurt. *Do not fill to the top of the ice cube molds.* Freeze overnight.


Pop yogurt cubes out into an 11-cup (or larger) heavy duty food processor. Place quartered strawberries in the food processor. 


Turn on and process for a couple of minutes. The mixture will tumble at first, then turn very crumbly. Scrape with a large fork and continue to process a few times. It will remain crumbly for 3-5 minutes, then finally start to come together. You might think it will never turn into sorbet, but stick with it! 


At this point, it might get “stuck” in the machine, where the big clump of frozen sorbet isn’t spinning around the machine. Break apart with a fork and process again, repeating a few times. If it continues to become stuck, leave for 5 minutes to slightly warm up. Break apart and process again a few times. (If it still won’t smooth out, let sit for another 5 minutes.) At this point, scraping and processing should get it moving and it will quickly turn into a creamy, smooth sorbet that is whipping around the food processor. 


Scoop and serve immediately and top with chocolate chips. Or, place in an airtight container for 1-3 hours to firm slightly before serving.




  • Best if eaten immediately after making, but if you’d like to store any, place in an airtight container and cover with plastic wrap on the surface and a lid on top. Let warm up a bit before serving.
  • Try subbing in 1 cup of frozen banana chunks for 1 cup of the strawberry for a strawberry banana flavor! 
  • Do not use a blender.
  • If you have a 7-cup or 9-cup food processor, I would halve the recipe.

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If you cut dairy from your diet but still crave the forbidden delights of creamy cheesecake, this recipe will be a welcome find. The combination of lactose-free Kite Hill Ricotta and Kite Hill Cream Cheese-style Spread gives the texture and flavor you’ve been missing. And that’s just the “classic” version! This plant-based dessert gets even better when you add in fruit, vegan chocolate chips, or anything your culinary heart desires. One bite and you’ll know for sure you can eat plant-based and still have it all. Just remember, start prepping the day before to allow it to set overnight, it’s worth the wait.