At Kite Hill, we pride ourselves on producing great tasting plantbased products to the highest standards. True to our core values, our goal is to always delight consumers every day with high quality, great tasting foods that do good for people, animals, and the planet. It’s the combination of plantbased, greattaste, and highquality that we have been known for over the years.

Unfortunately, we recently conducted a voluntary withdrawal on some of our products [updated list below] due to isolated cases of mold. Please be assured that this mold does not pose any human food safety risk. We asked our retail partners to remove these dips and yogurt products from their shelves as quickly as possible and restock the shelves with fresh product. In fact, for most retailers, the listed items have already been replaced by fresh stock. If you have any of the items listed below, we encourage you to discard them and contact our customer service team members for a voucher for a replacement product or a refund. You can contact us by calling 8885880994, filling out our contact form at https://www.kitehill.com/contactus/ or emailing info@kitehill.com. It is important to us that you can fully enjoy our products with confidence.

Products Include:

  • 5.3oz Kite Hill OriginalStyle Yogurts with a Best Before date prior to 07/20/22
  • 5.3oz Kite Hill Protein Yogurts with a Best Before date prior to 07/20/22
  • 5.3oz Kite Hill Greek Style Yogurts with a Best Before date prior to 07/20/22


We have taken this situation to heart and have enacted substantial measures to help ensure that this type of event does not reoccur including incremental staffing in our factories, enhanced procedures, and investment in our facilities.

We may or may not have already communicated with you on this subject. Regardless, we thank you for your patronage and understanding and apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.

We look forward to providing you great tasting foods moving forward.