Our Process

At Kite Hill, we value craftsmanship, and we take pride in the fact that we are the only plant-based company honoring traditional techniques but using nut milk instead of milk from an animal. Each of our products is made following traditional craftsmanship — with nut milk, cultures, enzymes, salt, and the magic of fermentation. Through this process, we are able to make a line of revolutionary plant-based products that honors the history of cheese making.

Curds and Whey

Just as any dairy cheese is made, our first step is to transform the almond milk into curds and whey. We do this by inoculating the nut milk with our proprietary enzymes and cultures and let it rest overnight to develop its own unique flavor and character. We’re then able to cut the curd and drain it of its whey, which is, again, just as it is done in a dairy operation.

Fresh almond milk products

Our fresh cream cheese style spread and ricotta are made by pressing and mixing our cultured almond mix curds to make them soft and spreadable. They’re not made from ground nuts and chemicals like other plant-based products.

Aged almond milk products

Our Soft Fresh products travel through our aging rooms before being hand-wrapped and packaged. We brought in our aging rooms from France — and they’re exactly the same design as those used for dairy cheese.

What’s next

We began our journey with plant-based artisanal products, but we’re not stopping there. Now that we have unlocked the secret to make nut milks behave like cow’s milk, the door is wide open for the development of a suite of amazing plant-based products.