Photography © Liza Gershman, 2013

Making Kite Hill

From the beginning, we were adamant that our process follow the time-honored techniques of traditional artisanal dairy cheese-making. This meant using only a short list of the best ingredients, superior French equipment in our aging rooms, and going through a lengthy and painstaking process of trial and error rather than taking shortcuts

Our products start with our proprietary nut milk, perfected over many months of recipe testing and visits to almond farms throughout the San Joaquin Valley. As there are seasonal fluctuations in the flavors and textures of tree nuts, we custom blend each batch of nut milk for every cheese we make. The nut milk is then pasteurized and inoculated with naturally occurring enzymes and a specially developed lactose-free culture by our team. This mixture is allowed to coagulate slowly to let the curd fully develop the unique flavor and character that will define each cheese. Finally, the curd is distributed by hand into traditional cheese molds and aged.

At Kite Hill we value craftsmanship, culinary creativity, delicious choices, and collaboration with farmers. And while our cheeses are made with only four ingredients: nut milk, cultures, enzymes, and salt, the magic of fermentation and aging yields many delicious possibilities, so we are already at work tinkering with new flavor ideas.