What’s different about Kite Hill?

We are the first and only company to create plant-based food using time honored techniques. We’ve figured out how to make buttery fresh ricotta, aged nut milk delicacies, creamy almond milk yogurt, fantastic entrées and more — all out of fresh nut milk.

What are your ingredient standards?

We think carefully about everything we put in our products. Each of our products comes from artisan almond milk cultured using traditional cheese making methods. We source non-GMO almonds from the San Joaquin Valley and do not use any artificial flavors, preservatives or sweeteners in our products.

Are your products gluten free?

Almonds are naturally gluten-free, and none of our other ingredients inherently contain gluten. However, our ravioli is made using a wheat pasta that does contain gluten.

Will people with nut allergies be allergic to our foods?

All of our products contain almond milk, so any individuals with an allergy to almonds will not be able to enjoy our products.

Do any of your products contain soy or dairy?

All of our products are soy and dairy free.

What about other allergens?

All of our artisan products are made using almonds. Please reference product labels for specific allergen info about a particular product or flavor.

Do your products contain GMOs?

All of our products are Project non-GMO verified.

Can I cook with your products?

Yes! We love using our ricotta and soft fresh line in all sorts of dishes. Our cream cheese spread also makes a great substitute for sour cream.

Where is Kite Hill sold?

Kite Hill is sold at all Whole Foods stores nationwide and other fine retailers across the U.S. Check out our searchable map to find a store or specific Kite Hill products near you.

I do not see Kite Hill available in my area, how can I get it?

We are continuing to expand our distribution every day, but we are still a young company. If you want to see us on the shelves at your local store, you can talk to the dairy buyer and request that they carry Kite Hill. Sometimes a nudge from a customer can go a long way!

Is all your packaging recyclable?

You can recycle all of our cheese, yogurt and drink containers. Our ravioli containers are not recyclable at this time.

I am a blogger or media, how do I get in touch with Kite Hill?

We love hearing from you, send us an email to media@www.kite-hill.com and we will get right back to you.

Is Kite Hill hiring?

We continually update our careers section on our website along with posting our current job opportunities on our LinkedIn page.